Sobest entrevista, com exclusividade, com o presidente do 5° Congresso da WUWHS, Prof. Marco Romanelli. Acompanhe a versão em inglês.

Associação Brasileira de Estomaterapia: Tell us a few words about your professional trajectory.

Prof. Marco Romanelli: I have been involved in wound healing societies conferences since the

Year 2000 when I have organized the annual EPUAP meeting in Pisa, Italy. In 2003 I have continued my experience with the organization of the annual EWMA meeitng Always in Pisa and I have concluded my european  conferences organization in 2006 with the annual ETRS meeting.

Sobest: How have you been involved in the WUWHS?

MR: My involvement started on 2004 when I participated as an invited speaker at the WUWHS conference in Paris, after that was Toronto and after Yokoama where I was leading a Group of italian which put the candidature of Florence for the fifth conference in 2016


Sobest: What have been the challenges to organize a world conference? Tell us about the main changes your staff and you have done for the WUWHS 2016 in Florence?

MR: The main challenge was to cover the budget for such a conference in a not good economic situation around the world. We were able to completely restructure the scientific program compared to previos experience. We have introduced several new concept like Sister Societieis, Rising Star in the program in order to allow each society to express their scientific attitude.

Sobest: What do you expect after the congress in your term as the WUWHS next President? How nurses are and will be involved in your term?

MR: During my term I expect to coordinate a Group of dedicated people who will be able to run the WUWHS in different directions like education, clinical update, fund rising, Nurses will be a fundamental part of this Group and they will actively participate in various tasks of interest.


Sobest: Send few words to our members and to all Brazilians professionals interested in wound care.

MR: I wish all the brazilians a nice stay and participation during the conference in Florence. We are ready to welcome all the Brazilians in Florence and to offer every single opportunity for the future in wound care. There will be plenty of opportunities for everyone under the support of WUWHS.

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